Ring of the Holy Spirit

2017Venice design 



work aress:Venice, Italy

work area:30㎡ 

work time:2017




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This work is inspired by a dream of the designer, in which the Holy Spirit with a halo, representing love in Christianity, descends on our world and fills us with gratefulness and love. Holy Spirit is not something to be experienced. Instead, it is a medium, through which a man can experience a new life. Our experience of gratefulness through the Holy Spirit is an embodiment of divine transcendence and immanence, which enables us to both realize and experience the divinity.


The realm of God is boundless and unlimited, like a ring full of tension, expanding wide and far into a space of various dimensions. Centering around the ring is the whole world, visible or not, that stretches endlessly and in which innumerous changes occur. The light from the Holy Spirit, carrying the mercy and grace of the God, is shed down like rain. The holiness, freedom and elegance of the shape, along with the invoked feeling of ethereal poignancy, capture the greatest imagination of the beholders about their faiths and spirits. The color is scarlet by choice due to its strong visual impacts, symbolizing that the Son of God gives his red blood for the redemption of human beings and the reconciliation between God and his creation.


The whole work is a design of spiritual body, a symbol of life, with the theme based on an image that is invisible and intangible yet able to be sensed.