Living Mouths

2011 Bejing Songzhuang New Media Works Exhibition


work aress:Beijing Songzhuang

work area:40㎡ 

work time:2011




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The consciousness of modern society is in a state of constant flux and interminable conflict, and at its root is driven by individuals self-interest and personal desires .These desires and ideas originate in the brain but are expressed through language, and the organ of language is the mouth. Therefore, the source of societal,and even global conflict is occurred by the mouth-words which are the source of calamity. Every person, every race and every country wishes to express its views and opinions. Yet since no side is willing to make concessions, modern society is permeated by a calamitous caco-phony, which disperses and spreads into every corner of life. Living Mouths uses human heads and mouths agape in anger, illuminated by frantically flashing lights, and set to a score of shockingly violent, piercing taser shots in an attempt to show the anxieties, insanities and conflicts that engulf modern society.