Beijing Blooming Restaurant Solana

Dreamy Blossoms of Light and Shadow



Scope of ser­vices:Pro­ject plan、In­te­rior de­sign

Pro­ject aress:China Beijing

Pro­ject area:350㎡

Pro­ject time:2018










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In bloom, she's not a flower;

Hazy, she's not a haze.

She comes at midnight hour;

She goes with starry rays.

She comes like vernal dreams that cannot stay;

She goes like morning clouds that melt away.


This is an enigmatic poem by Bai Juyi, a Tang Dynasty poet, whose undelineated imageries of transient beauty as well as the subtle rendering of an indescribable sentiment have inspired the design for “Blooming”.


If you get down to observing any seemingly ordinary flower, you may marvel at its sophisticated structure and magical colors. Furthermore, through the revealing lens of a microscope, what used to appear as an ordinary flower will be presented as a most wonderful image that is, at a time, extremely logical, abstract and awe-inspiring, as if an amazing kaleidoscope has unfolded itself before your eyes, allowing you to sneak a peek at the wondrous creation of God.


The images in the kaleidoscope keep turning ceaselessly, attesting to the constant process of breaking down, restructuring and renewing of living entities. With the perpetual change, breakdown, dissolution and rearrangement of the colors, structures and shapes in the kaleidoscope, the very meaning of life itself is also shifting and gives rise to new meanings. The constantly renewed and unrepeatable life images in the kaleidoscope are an embodiment of the conceiving, sprouting, growing, expanding, flourishing, waning, degrading and dying of life. This process also corresponds to life. In the spirit of a new life, its mysterious components and activities are renewing and rhyming, with the undercurrent of subconsciousness flowing to the unlimited world of spirituality, passing on the information of life. Deep in the subconscious mind a splendid landscape is revealed for us.


The design of the space is centered on the theme of blooming thoughts, with the output model of immersive emotional experience. The explosive kaleidoscope of light and shadow hanging at the center of the ceiling is the main medium for expressing the three dimensional space, which affects and controls the light and shadow, tone and atmosphere of the entire space. The blocks of the kaleidoscope in the shape of a cone both expand and absorb, scaling the tensile force that the space accumulates and releasing the light and heat it contains. Meanwhile, it also attracts the attention of audience, the fluctuating emotions and the breath of life that the audience feeds back. The switching and changing images of light and shadow reflected by the prism from different angles, uncertain and unpredictable, release more colorful and wonderful space perceptions of different dimensions and evolving space orders. The kaleidoscope is like a dialogue box that comes from a person’s hidden mind and depth of the soul, showcasing the space rules and limits of its hidden world and telling the audience the beauty and wonder of its world, while enabling the audience to have communication and dialogue with it from the subconscious level.


The prism reflects multiple spatial levels, enabling the users to have more complex feelings on and deeper thinking and emotional requirements for the space where they are. The audience embarks on a journey through space and time, where they listen to the echoes from the depth of their mind and send out their own voice to communicate with the spiritual world that’s present yet unseen, gaining a great sense of satisfaction and condolence and bridging the shores of the mind.