Beijing Cangsu Company Headquarters Club

Simple and slow life under the Bell and Drum Towers



Scope of ser­vices:In­te­rior de­sign

Pro­ject aress:China Beijing

Pro­ject area:2600㎡

Pro­ject time:2017














































When the bell and drum from the Bell And Drum Towers echo in the air of Beijing, the city dwellers can’t help but recall the long-lasting music of sanxian, a three-string musical instrument, which was popular during the early 1990s with its simple, harsh but captivating sound. The memory of it makes one’s heart pounding. Then, it was the melodious sound of the flute played by Dou Wei and the song sang slowly by He Yong, which took us back to the worldly and beautiful scenes of the past. The drum and bell of the past seem to linger and disappear vaguely in the air.


“The place where I live is within the 2nd ring road. Locals seem to have limitless time for chatting. They gazed at you as you took your cigarette out of your pocket. People from outside this city are busy in their restaurants. They have the same expression as me. I ride a bicycle on a road covered by autumn leaves and follow the sun as it sinks to the west, until darkness covers Yindian Bridge and the west mountain. Lotus flowers in the water have withered, their leaves dry and broken. The moon and street light reflected in the water are talking about who shall light the fire and cook the breakfast, and what shall be prepared for the breakfast – fried breadstick or biscuit…”The narration in the song is vivid and warm, reflecting the tranquil and simple lifestyle of common Beijingers, who live their lives to appreciate the beauty of the forest, wind and moon. 


Time passes in calmness. People are content with the easy, warm and real life. Fenghemuchen intends to replicate this simple attitude toward life that people of the past held using the lyrics, which reflects the unique feeling of a local who has experienced by himself the transition of the Beijing city. Fenghemuchen wants to express a life attitude supported by one’s inner spirit, simple, humble and full of human touch. With cup of warm tea and peace of mind, we can share the stories among us and recall the memorable moments. The entire design aims to fill the space with natural feelings and take people back to a poetic environment that is as plain as water and devoid of artificial glamour.


The main dining space consists of six compartments, which takes the customers away from the urban bustles and hustles and bring them back to the poetic and simple lifestyle. The minimal design gets rid of all artificial decorates, with a subtle grace and elegance. The use of wood material can calm people’s heart, which is designed in a way that can bring out its primitive beauty. The space delivers a feeling of tranquility and devoid of greed in the chaotic city.


The multi-functional hall has a high ceiling and provides ample space, embodying a design principle of closeness to nature and simplicity. The space is open yet ensuring enough intimacy, making it convenient for the users to shift between the two functions. The upper part is the main focus of the design, with variable wood shapes as the elements to highlight the physical space and a gradient structure signifying the sober and quite felling of order. The structure also serves as the filter of the nature light, making it softer and more balanced as it penetrates into the inner space and adding a touch of comfort and tranquility.


The corridor leading to the entrance of the private club is deliberately lengthened to enhance the sense of intimacy in the space. As an exclusive space for creating and experimenting new dishes, the lounge integrates tasting and reception function areas, including a tasting and dining zone, a professional food preparation room, tea room, bar, lounge, entertainment room and rest room. The space is designed to be practical and with a touch of nature.


The canteen is spacious, flexible, open and suitable for a lot of people to share. The huge French window to the south allows ample sunshine and lush views to come in, while the light-colored wood structure balances the outdoor landscape. The canteen is comfortable and quiet, with nature and its feeling of primitiveness introduced into it. 


The outdoor landscape softens and connects various parts of the building. The wooden corridor connects the cold and motionless buildings into a whole, while infusing to it nature elements and a touch of humanity. A natural scene with indoor and outdoor echoing with each other is built up, where people can escape from the chaotic world and relish in their inner peace in this pure land full of life.


As time passes by, the Bell and Drum Towers witness the happiness and sorrow of all kinds of people and various life scenes. Now, they have become a symbol of distant memory. “The Bell and Drum Towers are immersed in the smoke and dust. His face is a canvas for you to paint. I can’t hear your voice as the noise is too loud…”The singer laments on the time past, expressing helplessness, doubt and even despair. In the noisy world, a clear spirit and simple mind is the way out for finding back the inner peace.